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Forklift Operator Training and Certification
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Are you considering a career as a forklift operator?

Ideal for someone who wants to enter the work force as a forklift operator, Canadian Forklift Training's entry-level course combines in-class theory supported by video presentations and practical training in a warehouse setting on an actual forklift truck. Topics and procedures covered in this course include:

  • Fundamentals of powered lift trucks: components, factors affecting stability, load centers, rules and regulations

  • General operating procedures: circle check, startup, shutdown, forward/reverse on level ground, parking; safe operating around other people

  • Load handling: selection of loads, load pickup and placement, load stability and integrity, loading and off-loading of trailers

  • Operational maintenance: re-fuelling and battery recharging
  • Workplace safety: identifying potential hazards, environmental conditions affecting lift truck performance
  • Separate training on handling propane can be included in this course upon request

  • Current applicable legislation and guideline

  • Causes of accidents including injury and damage

  • Dock area safety

  • Pedestrian awareness


Counter Balance
Reach Truck
Order Picker
Walkie Pallet

Theoretical sessions are conducted in class and are supported by video demonstrations, Power Point presentations, graphics, and our comprehensive forklift operator manuals developed by our own instructors, to address different learning styles and ensure long-term retention of the material.

The practical session consists of demonstrations given by qualified instructors that are then imitated by trainees under close supervision in a controlled environment.

Some of the topics that would be covered in the practical session include:

  • Differences between a standard automobile and a forklift truck.

  • Operating guidelines, potential warnings, and cautions that come with the different types and models of lift trucks.

  • Operating controls and instruments.

  • Forklift engine and motor specifications and mechanics.

  • Steering and dynamics of movement.

  • Fork and attachment control and operation.

  • Awareness of workplace surroundings and safety.

We provide lift truck safety training for all lift truck or forklift brands:

Our training centre is designed to provide the practical training in a warehouse setting: it is fully equipped with loads of different weights, sizes, and parameters and all types of forklift trucks we provide training on, including:

Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
( propane and electrical )
Narrow Aisle Reach Forklift Truck

Order Picker and Cherry Picker Forklift Truck
Electric Walkie Pallet Mover Truck

Rough Terrain Lift Truck

   Scissor Lift  
   Raymond Lift Truck  
   Clark Lift Truck  
   Caterpillar Lift Truck
   Cushion Tire Lift Truck
   Hyster Lift Truck
   TCM Lift Truck
   Nissan Lift Truck
   Mitsubishi Lift Truck
   Yale Lift Truck  
   Toyota Lift Truck  

After completing the training course, each operator’s theoretical knowledge and skills will be assessed using a multiple-choice questionnaire test and practical evaluation of their ability to operate a forklift truck in a safe and efficient manner. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, each operator will receive a wallet size photo ID license and Certificate of Achievement.

Training can be completed on employer’s premises or in our training centre located in Mississauga.

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