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New Working at Height Training Programme

The New Safety Training Working at Heights Program is designed for workers who may perform construction related activities and at times be required to work at heights where fall protection is required. This Ministry of Labour Approved Program provides workers with the necessary knowledge required to safely work at heights and prevent fall related accidents.
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New Operator Training/Certification

Ideal for someone who wants to enter the work force as a forklift operator, Canadian Forklift Training's entry-level course combines in-class theory supported by video presentations and practical training in a warehouse setting on an actual forklift truck.
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Refresher Course / Operator Re-certification

The Refresher Course consists of in-class theory followed by a practical skills assessment in a warehouse setting. According to the Ontario government regulations, trained forklift operators are required to complete re-certification every 2-3 years to maintain their qualification with mid-term evaluation.
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WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System)


WHMIS is a national hazard communication standard. It encompasses such key elements as labelling of “controlled products”, provision of material safety data sheets (MSDS) and employee education and training. The federal, provincial and territorial regulations stipulate that it is the responsibility of the employer to have such products properly labeled, stored, handled and disposed of and provide training to all employees involved in handling hazardous materials to ensure workplace safety.

Our training course not only teaches basics of WHMIS, but our instructors adapt course content with your company’s environment in mind. Training addresses specific hazards in your workplace and teaches your employees ways to protect themselves and those around them. 

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TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

TDG is national program established to promote public safety during transportation and handling of dangerous materials, whether they are moved by road, rail, air or sea. The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act stipulates compliance with international requirements for classification, labelling and marking of means of containment, transport documentation and safety marks for dangerous goods. The regulations also specify that people involved in handling such good must be appropriately trained to ensure their and public safety.
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Fall Protection

CFTC Fall Protection Course is designed to give workers means and knowledge to prevent and protect themselves from falls from height and reduce fall related injuries. Participants will be trained in selection and use of proper protection procedures and gear, inspection and maintenance of protective equipment. 
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Scissor Lift AWP Training


Canadian Forklift Training Center provides Aerial Platform Safety Training. Also known as Scissor Lift AWP or Skyjacks, Aerial Platform Safety Training will help reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and accidents.

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